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Cardboard Toy Vehicles

Calling all kids! Jump in and let's go somewhere! Kid's imaginations will take off in these fun filled cardboard toy vehicles. Toddlers to elementary school age children will have hours of fun painting, decorating and going on new adventures in a pirate ship, space shuttle, train, horse carriage, or sports car. Kids can foster their imagination by sailing the high seas, blasting off into space, riding a speeding train, traveling by carriage, or racing down an imaginary road in these cardboard vehicles. These are sure to be big hits for "make-believe" play.

Tip: Extend the life of these cardboard toy vehicles with a bit of packing tape.



Pirate Ship Toy Playhouse

Cardboard pirate ship

Sail the high seas searching for lost treasure, go whale watching, pack your bags for Carribean cruise and whole lot more! Kids will have a blast coloring all the graphics on this ship. Comes with four markers - green, purple, red and orange. Holds 3 kid passengers.

4.5 Stars

Box Creations Corrugated Pirate Ship - Markers Included


Cardboard Toy Train Engine

Cardboard Train

Discovery Kids Cardboard Train

Kids can be the conductor or engineer of their own choo-choo train. Pick up some friends, wave to people, drop off freight, who knows what active imaginations can dream up? You'll need your own colors or markers to decorate this one. Made in USA.


Roseart 3D Toy Rocketship

Roseart 3D RocketShip

Kids can imagine blasting off into orbit and visiting far away galaxies. What will they find? New stars? new planets? Maybe they'll find an alien or two to bring home for dinner. Rocketship stands over 4 ft. tall. Includes step-by-step assembly instructions and 12 washable markers. Outside of rocket has various illustrations for kids to color.

RoseArt 3D Create and Color Rocket Ship


Discovery Kids 5-ft. Cardboard Rocket Ship

Discovery Kids RocketShip

A little taller Rocketship than the Roseart ship. Big enough for 2 average size kids to play inside of it.

Discovery Kids 5-ft. Cardboard Rocket Ship Toy Gift Idea Birthday



Cardboard Toy Space Shuttle

Cardboard Space Shuttle

Maybe some other space shuttle is retired, but this one ready to go! Kids can make believe they are launching the shuttle into space to explore the stars. Fits 1 - 2 children, astronauts, aliens and big imaginations. Comes with 4 washable markers for coloring fun.

Cardboard Space Shuttle



Cardboard Toy Princess Carriage


If you've got a little princess in your family, she'll love a carriage to climb into with her books and favorite cuddly things. 2-3 children can fit inside. Carriage comes with two lanterns, two doors and a sunroof. Plenty of detailed line art on the exterior for coloring fun. Includes 4 non-toxic colored markers. Made in USA with recycled materials.

Cardboard Princess Carriage



Imagine Wagon

Imagine Wagon

Imagine Wagon is a cute cardboard wagon that the little ones can pretend that they drive the ice cream truck around town and serve ice cream to their friends at a birthday party or other party!

Build a Dream Playhouses Imagine Wagon


Stunt Plane Wearable

Stunt Plane Wearable

Kids will love this wearable cardboard Stunt Plane. It comes with shoulder straps, propeller fasteners, and printed pre cut pieces. Kids can color or paint the plane to customize to their tastes. MADE in USA!

Stunt Plane Wearable



Princess Carriage Wearable

Princess Carriage Wearable

Let your little princess's imagination run free with this adorable role play toy. This cardboard horse and carriabe wearable comes with adjustable shoulder straps and printed pre cut cardboard pieces. Kids can have fun decorating the carriage and horse with colors or paint. MADE in USA!

Princess Carriage Wearable



Dozer Wearable

Dozer Wearable

This wearable dozer has movable buckets front and rear! Comes with adjustable straps, bucket fasteners and printed, precut cardboard pieces to color and paint. MADE in USA!

Dozer Wearable



Dream Machine - Cardboard Toy Car

Dream Machine Car

Grab the keys, start the engine and Vroom, vroom, take a road trip! Kids can pretend to drive to school, deliver flowers, or just cruise the neighborhood enjoying the view through the moonroof. Has a large interior, driver and passenger doors and two side view mirrors. Made in USA.

Dream Machine

Watch how easy this cardboard toy car is to assemble: