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Extreme Cardboard Creations

When most of us think of cardboard, we think of it as just packaging material. Sometimes, as children or parents, we see cardboard shoeboxes as grade school diorama containers. Here at Green Town Toys, we see cardboard as toys to foster young and exuberant imaginations. Some people imagine cardboard as much more. They see a creative outlet for extreme cardboard construction art. Here are a few extreme cardboard artists who take packaging materials to whole new level.



Extreme Cardboard Artist: Bartek Eisner

Cardboard Ghetto Blaster

Bartek created this GhettoBlaster as promotion for the International Radio Festival 2012 in Zurich Switzerland for his client MINI Schweiz.



Cardboard Boombox




Extreme Cardboard Artist: Bartek Eisner

Cardboard Fireplace




Extreme Cardboard Artist: MaboroshiTira

Cardboard Gameboy




Extreme Cardboard Artist: Izhar Gafni

Rideable Cardboard Bicycle

Izhar loves bicycles. He says it's in his soul. One day he went to the bikeshop to pick up some parts and overheard the employees talking about a man who built a useable canoe made of cardboard. Izhar could not stop thinking about the possibility of building a working bicycle out of the material. He not only built a bike of cardboard, he has plans to sell them to the masses for about $60.00.


Listen to Izhar's inspiration and see how his extreme cardboard creation works:




Extreme Cardboard Artist: Chris Gilmour

Cardboard Wheelchair

Cardboard Wheelchair


Cardboard Fiat


Cardboard TypeWriter




Extreme Cardboard Artist: Kiel Johnson

35MM Camera